Student-Led Conferences (Grades K-12)

Putting Students In Charge

Students can deliver effective standards-based conferences! While student-led conferences may look different in different classrooms and grades, effective student-led conferences incorporate five basic components:

  1. The student leads the conference.
  2. The student demonstrates skills that show mastery of standards.
  3. The student shows evidence of growth over time
  4. The student self-assesses and reflects on work evidence.
  5. The student writes a measurable goal and discusses a plan of action.

Putting students in charge of parent conferences allows them to examine how their strengths, weaknesses, and behavior affect them as learners. Student-led conferences are experiences that can positively change and impact the communication patterns of students, parents, and teachers.


One to two day training:  Participants learn the five components of a successful student-led conference and how to manage the collection of student work, prepare students to self-assess and present their work, and coordinate the conference itself.