Blueprint for Student Achievement

Strategy for building a district-wide plan of increased achievement for ALL students

The key to the Action Learning Systems blueprint for student achievement is explicitly determining the student-centered Focus for the district; the Alignment of district programs, practices, procedures and policies; and the Expectations and Opportunities for all stakeholders from students, teachers and principals to the district office, the school board, and the parents. The blueprint process occurs in three phases:

Phase 1: Audit

Determine current implementation of district goals, programs, practices, procedures, and policies. This includes meeting with the Superintendents’ cabinet and district-level teams, as well as possible school site visits. The audit describes where the district is currently in order to begin the process of organized abandonment to get to where the district wants to be.

Phase 2: Building the Blueprint

Programs, practices, and policies and procedures are written aligned to the student achievement focus. Abandonment is used to design the desired structure based on the new district focus. This phase involves district-level teams, including the Superintendents’ cabinet.

Phase 3: Implementing the Blueprint

District level "Roll-out" of the blueprint. This phase is the longest and most difficult, and ultimately the most crucial. This phase may include:

  • Leadership Academies, where the context is set for why and how the blueprint was written. Teams include District and Site leaders.
  • Multiple opportunities for stakeholders to gain ownership of the blueprint through exposure to it in writing, talking about it at meetings, including it in plans, and discussing it with all stakeholders.