"Highland’s relationship with Action Learning Systems has been transformational. Five years ago a brand new principal and a mostly new staff were given the charge of transforming a persistently failing school. Our school was on the verge of being closed by the state, scoring in the lowest five percent of the state. Action Learning Systems took a group of teachers with a vision, gave that vision a direction, and we have never looked back. From the initial Direct Interactive Instruction training, to Co-Plan/Co-Teach tailored to the needs of the individual, to now teaching my teachers to go through the Observation/Feedback Cycle, the level of commitment and trust-building is so high that the teachers are making remarkable gains as educators and students are showing high levels of success."

- Natali Matta, Principal
Highland Elementary School, Visalia, CA

Needs Assessment Survey Yes No
Are you using valid and reliable standards-based assessments?
Is your intervention model showing results in turning around your schools?
Are you effectively supporting your English Learners at the classroom level through the appropriate use of instructional materials and instructional strategies?
Are you effectively implementing instructional materials and instructional strategies school-wide?
Can your administration identify, support and monitor effective teaching?
Are you effectively supporting new and inexperienced teachers?